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Summer Is Coming -- Will You Be Here?

Summer Classes are now posted for three short sessions at Pierce College. Choose from hundreds of classes offered the morning, and get out by noon so you can hit the beach. Two Sessions begin June 10, and the third on July 15, 2019.


Summer Session 2019 dates are:

Session A:  June 10 – July 14 (only 5 weeks)

Session B:  July 15 - Aug. 18 (only 5 weeks)

8 week Session: June 10 - Aug 4


Visit, click on Summer 2019, Online Searchable Schedule of Summer Classes.


Continuing Students can begin to register on April 11. Check your email for your registration appointment, or log into the


We want you to pursue your dreams—and reach them. You can do it this Summer at Pierce College.



Pierce College has the #1 Acceptance Rate to UCLA in California*


UCLA has released Fall 2018 transfer data for all community colleges in California, showing that Pierce College leads by a good margin as #1 in acceptance rate, *with the exception of two colleges that had only one applicant each. Link to the data at UCLA Transfer Data

Pierce earned the highest acceptance rate by establishing special programs that help Pierce College students transfer to UCLA and other universities of their choice. Our Transfer Center has posted it here Pierce Transfer Data  

Visit the Pierce Transfer Center and find out how Pierce College can help you reach your transfer goals.


Campus Construction Road Closure Notice for Spring Semester 2019

Construction near the intersection of Brahma Drive and El Rancho Drive at the east edge of the farm is in full swing, and those two roads through campus are currently closed (February 2019). Click on More News for the road closure map. This means that the road going up the hill from Winnetka, Brahma Drive, stops at the Performing Arts Complex and does not go through to El Rancho. It also means that there is no entry into campus east off of DeSoto on the farm.

Thank you for your patience during this construction.



Attend LACCD Board Meeting at L.A. Pierce College Feb. 6

Three open-invitation events with the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Community College District will take place on campus Wednesday, Feb. 6, as the Board of Trustees travels to Pierce College for its monthly meeting.  Here are the times and locations…

Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019:

10:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Faculty & Staff Center, Building 600

1:30 – 2:45 p.m.
College Services Building Conference Room

3:00 – 5:45 p.m.
Great Hall

Please contact Malina Koani in the President’s office for more information at

Register Now: Spring Session Open To All For Enrollment


Spring semester is open for registration to everyone. Let Pierce College take you to the next level in your journey to success. Spring Classes begin Feb. 4, 2019. Links follow to Register, Search Open Classes, and Apply:

Current Students:  Log In & Register in Student Information System
Find Open Classes:  Search for Open Classes 
     Under Class Search, click “Show Open Classes Only” (no login needed) 
New Students: 
Apply to Pierce College


Students--Mandatory Password Change to Access the New Student Portal at Pierce

LACCD launches New Student Portal

All LACCD colleges including Pierce College are moving to a new Student Information System (SIS) reached by a central Student Portal. It allows students a single sign-on for all our systems for a much-improved experience. .

To begin,      

1.     Each student is required to update his/her password to gain access, which includes the email system and the Student Information System.


2.     The password reset process has changed, so please read the instructions so that you don’t get locked out. Do not simply enter your four-digital PIN in the password field.


Instructions to Reset Your Email Password

We strongly encourage you to play the video tutorial or download the handout before attempting to change your password. SIS Password Video | Student FAQ Handout  | Update Password


You can also go to the Admissions & Records web page and see the Student Alert for these directions and links at


Avoid Trouble

The most common mistake:  when students are on the “Update Password” page (the second field that is blank) students are entering their PIN number or their current email password. Instead, the student needs to enter the default password in the “Blank” field, for example 88@A0101.


The second common error:  students don’t create a new password according to the instructions. New passwords MUST:

                 --  Not be part of your name, user ID or 3 prior passwords.

      -- Contain at least 7 characters and three of the following:

o   Uppercase letters (A-Z)

o   Lowercase letters (a-z)

o   Number (0-9)

o   Special character (@!$*)


The third common error: students create a new password and they forget the password because they failed to write it down or memorize it.  



Write down the default password and your new password on a piece of paper before attempting to change your password online.





Go to College for One Year for Free? It's the Promise

L.A. College Promise 

Pierce College’s district, Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), introduces the L.A. College Promise, which will provide one year of free enrollment at an LACCD college to all full-time qualifying students graduating from
Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and charter high schools.

Pierce encourages high school students in the class of 2017 to learn more about the Promise on our website at

To qualify, a student must

  • Be a 2017 high school graduate of LAUSD or a charter high school
  • Complete the Los Angeles Pierce Application
  • Complete Orientation, Assessment, and Counseling (OAC)
  • Complete an application for financial aid (FAFSA or CA Dream Act)
  • Attend a summer transition program
  • Enroll as a full-time student Fall 2017 & Spring 2018

The L.A. College Promise is a partnership between the LACCD, LAUSD, City of Los AngelesLA Chamber of Commerce, UNITE LA and private philanthropy. It benefits the city and region by creating a college-going culture and responding to the workforce readiness gaps in California.

LACCD Chancellor Francisco Rodriguez stated the L.A. College Promise initiative could be the most comprehensive and effective student completion strategy that our districts can offer. Included in this program are priority enrollment, placement in math and English courses required to succeed in college, and career support and counseling. The program’s goal is to increase the number of community college graduates, university transfers, and workforce-ready students in our region.

Los Angeles Pierce College is one of nine comprehensive colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), the largest community college district in the nation.  Our students strive to earn college degrees and certificates, but many find they are burdened by work and family obligations that make it difficult to complete their goals. On September 14, LACCD teamed with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Second Lady Jill Biden to announce a new program called the Los Angeles College Promise, forging the way for more local students to become college graduates.

LACCD Board of Trustees President Scott Svonkin said that the LACCD is working with the business community to support our high school students and all area residents who want to challenge themselves or enhance their career objectives with additional training.

Pierce College is pleased to be moving forward with the L.A. College Promise. Mayor Garcetti said that higher education should be within reach for every student in Los Angeles and that this program creates a path to pursue the skills and education they need to realize their dreams and potential.


Birch, Elm and Ginger -- What are those Tree Names?


Birch, Elm and Ginger -- What are those Tree Names?


If you’ve seen the names Alder, Birch, Elm, Ginger, Holly, Juniper and Iris next to a classroom number in the schedule of classes, you might be wondering what they are. These will be the new names of the buildings that have been renovated in the “North of Mall” -- a central area of campus surrounding the botanical garden, extending northwest of the Mall between Parking Lot 1 and the Library Learning Crossroads.


To make it easier, the building numbers will stay the same and be listed next to the tree names on the schedule of classes and the outside of the building as such:  Birch 1100, abbreviated as BRCH.  


LATE BREAKING NEWS, February 2017: the Juniper 800 building is renovated and opening for Spring.  The three buildings 1200, 1300 and 1400 will also be in use for Spring under their old names: 1200 is English Building (EB), 1300 is Behavioral Science (BEH), and 1400 is Math. The last three buildings are set to be renovated over the summer.


Building               Tree           Schedule

Number               Name        Abbreviation

1000 Building      Alder         ALDR

1100 Building      Birch         BRCH

1200 Building      Cedar        CEDR - will still be EB for English Building Spring 2017

1300 Building      Dogwood   DGWD - will still be BEH for Spring 2017

1400 Building      Fir             FIR - will still be MATH for Spring 2017

1500 Building      Holly         HLLY

1600 Building      Ginger       GNGR

1700 Building      Elm           ELM

 800 Building       Juniper      JNPR

 900 Building       Iris            IRIS


STEM Week Opens Feb. 22 at Pierce College with Free Events


STEM Week takes off on February 22, 2017 in the Great Hall at 11 a.m. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics majors or anyone interested in these subjects should come to the free events. On Wednesday, Feb. 22 is the STEM Majors Fair from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., where students can connect with STEM professionals from local companies to gain first-hand knowledge of their organization while exploring different STEM careers.


On Thursday, Feb. 23, a STEM professionals panel will be presented between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Attend this panel discussion to get information from the pros who are expert6s in the STEM fields. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about STEM careers. It’s all at Pierce College.


Register Now for Spring Classes at Pierce College--Classes are Filling


Now is the time to register for Spring Semester, beginning Feb. 6, 2017. It's the perfect time to make a fresh commitment to your educational goals. The Spring Schedule of Classes is posted online at Registration is ongoing for all students.


You’ll also find other useful information there, such as the Spring Calendar, Distance Ed, Honors Classes, Short Term, Weekend, and Off-Campus offerings. Maps and a Student Information Addendum located on that page will help you navigate the college.



Enroll online at the Student Information System under Current Students,


When you sign up for Spring Semester you are on your way to achieving the degree, certificate or transfer opportunity that has the power to change your life from this point forward.


Interested in Career and Technical Education? Visit to see the vocational class offerings before you go to the schedule.



And remember that all official notices about your registration, class changes, financial aid, alerts and new opportunities will come to you via your college email, which you can log in to at the top right of the Students web page, here


At the bottom of the Schedules page you will find an online 2016-17 General Catalog, which has more detailed information about Pierce College and its classes.


It’s true—college graduates earn one-and-a-half million dollars more over their careers than those without degrees. Don’t be left out; make a difference in your life starting this Spring Semester at Pierce College.