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Tips and Links to Apply and Register for Fall at Pierce College



Fall Semester at Pierce College will begin August 31, 2015. Now is the time to apply and register for classes. It’s no secret that getting ahead in this world is a lot easier with a college degree. You may not know exactly where you want to land in life; few people do when they are starting out. But you can be certain that having a college degree will help you get a job, embark on a career, and earn a higher wage than those people who don’t have degrees.


Pierce wants to help you succeed. Did you know there is more than $50 million in financial aid available to help qualifying students? You must be enrolled in 12 units to qualify. Enrolling in 12 units will give you more opportunities for not only financial aid but for scholarships, work study, and the EOPS program.  So get started!


·        To Apply, go to the home page at and click the Apply Online button at upper right; scroll to the bottom of the page to begin the online application.


·        For Class Schedule, click  and then click on the Fall Open Classes List.  You’ll need to note the Section Number of each class you want to enroll in.


·        To Register for classes, log in to the Student Information System at  (using your ID88 or social security number and 4-digit pin).


Pierce College will help you complete your two-year degree—and without a lot of debt. Then you will be able to take advantage of our new transfer pathways to California universities. Visit the Transfer Center in person or online at


Register now--and you’ll be amazed how far you can go when you begin right here in your own backyard. We’ll see you on campus starting August 31.


Check the Open Classes List for Fall Semester 2015


Need classes for fall?  The open classes list for Fall 2015 is posted on the Schedules Page or at


Mobile access is here:


Many open classes—some just added--are posted on the Pierce College Facebook and Twitter pages; like us at and Click “more” for live links…


This list will continue to be updated so you can find the classes you need to fill your schedule. It runs only 24 hours behind real time.


The more units you take, the faster you will get through and on your way to a career or transfer university. Happy class hunting.


Great Opportunity for Extra Support at Pierce College in EOP&S Program


Ever wondered what EOP&S is? Extended Opportunity Program & Services (EOP&S) is a community college counseling program that provides “over and above” academic, personal, and financial support to students that come from an educationally and/or economically disadvantaged background. The goal of the program is to help eligible students meet their educational objectives by providing services that are designed to support students with their specific needs, while offering them an opportunity to navigate the collegiate process in a supportive environment.


EOP&S services include:

     Academic, career, and personal counseling

     Enrollment assistance and priority registration

     Book grant to assist with the purchase of required textbooks

     Tutorial assistance

     Transfer assistance and University application fee waivers

     Access to EOP&S computer lab

     Cap and gown purchase for graduates (if funding permits)

     CARE program for eligible single parents who receive TANF or CalWORKs benefits


Eligibility for EOP&S:

        Enrolled in 12 active units for Fall 2015

        Qualify for a Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGFW) – either BOGFW-A or BOGFW-B

     For details,  or see below


Applications for program admission can be completed online at


Details on Eligibility

To qualify for the EOP&S Program you MUST meet ALL of the following requirements:

•Be a California Resident or meet California Dream Act requirements

•Be enrolled in 12 or more units each semester

•Meet educational eligibility criteria (e.g. through placement in English 21 or 28 or Math 112 or 115).

•Have less than 70-degree applicable units

•Be educationally disadvantaged as defined by EOP&S regulations

•Be eligible to receive financial aid in the form of a Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGFW), either A or B.


Contact  Kalynda Webber McLean, Ed.D., Dean, Student Success at (818) 610-6567.


New Students Get in the Know at GO DAYS Aug. 25 and 26


Find out everything you always wanted to know about getting started at Pierce College at GO DAYS, our New Student Conference, happening Tuesday and Wednesday, August 25 and 26, 2015.  Check-in and on-site registration begin at 7:45 am and the conference runs from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.


At GO DAYS -- Take Campus Tours • Meet Faculty & Counselors • Win Raffle Prizes • Get Info on Campus Services & Fall Semester Events. Join Workshops that include Picking the Right Major • Transfer Basics • How to Get an ‘A’ • Work Smart Not Hard • Top 10 Things to Avoid • How to be a Pierce Student • Speed Majors • Getting an Educational Plan


Sign up, see the workshops, Frequently Asked Questions and more online at


How to Get Priority Registration at Pierce College


Students, do you have Priority Registration?  It helps you get classes first. A new state policy gives Priority Registration to students who have completed three steps: Orientation, Assessment, and development of an Educational Plan. In addition, it gives priority to students in good academic standing, and students with fewer than 100 units.


To find out more, if you are in your first year at Pierce, you should visit the First Year Experience Center, located under the Library. View their website at Counselors are available for first year students.


Other students should visit the Counseling web page to get started on these steps, at, or call (818) 719-6440. 


Once you choose your classes at the Schedules web page (, all the information you need to register for classes is located at the Student Information System at Log in with your Student ID or Social Security Number, and your four-digit pin. 


Don’t know your Student ID number? It’s shown on the first screen after you log in. 


Don’t know your college email address? It’s shown on the second screen of the Student Information System.


Don’t know your appointment time? Find your Registration Appointment date and time online at the third screen by clicking “View Reg Appointment” at the top of the page. Reach the Student Information System at the link above, or from the Pierce College home page by clicking the "Class Registration" button at upper right.


Use your Priority Registration appointment to get the best possible schedule and move towards your goals faster. Register now for classes at Pierce College. We currently offer sessions in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer--all year-round.


ANNOUNCEMENT UPDATE -- Email is Coming Back Up for Pierce College; Website, Moodle and SIS all Functioning

ANNOUNCEMENT UPDATE-- July 29, 2015 at 11:30 a.m. -- Pierce College’s email for faculty and staff, which ends in “,” and was offline from July 24-28, is coming back online. Our Information Technology Department is still working to resolving some remaining issues with the email.


At present, the college website, the Student Information System, Moodle, and your email are all working.


You may begin using the college email but if you continue to have issues, and need to reach your professor during this time, please use his or her phone number. Visit his or her web page online, or use the Pierce College phone directory on the home page at upper right, “People Search.”  To find a phone number, type in the first or last name, click Go, and available names will come up. If nothing comes up, click “Faculty by Department” and search under the alphabetical listing of departments.


We will keep you informed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.



Summer Office Hours Posted for Pierce College


Whether you need to obtain a parking pass, get books and supplies, or study at the Library, this list of Summer 2015 Office Hours from 42 offices on campus can help.



LACCD Board of Trustees Reelect President Scott Svonkin, Welcome New Board Members

July 2015--The Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees today reelected Scott Svonkin as president of the Board.  Mike Eng was elected vice president.  In addition, Andra Hoffman and Sydney Kamlager, elected in March, were sworn in as members of the Board of Trustees.  The new trustees joined Svonkin, who was reelected to a new four-year term in March, and Mike Fong, who was also elected in March and then appointed by the Board to fill the seat left vacant when Miguel Santiago was elected to the State Assembly in December.  


“I am honored to be selected by my fellow board members to serve again as president for the coming year,” said Svonkin.  “We’ll be facing important decisions and continuing challenges, but I am confident that by working closely with vice president Mike Eng, my colleagues, and Chancellor Rodriguez, we are poised to meet and exceed those challenges.”


“As a long-time faculty member at a local community college, I understand the mission and the promise of our colleges, and I will use my experience to promote student success,” said Hoffman.  “We’ve laid the groundwork for big gains, and I want to ensure that we continue to serve our students well.”


“Serving in the non-profit and political worlds has given me great experience in the practice of service delivery, and I want to make sure that our colleges are doing everything possible to enable our students to achieve their dreams,” said Kamlager.  “Whether it’s preparing them to transfer to a four-year institution or giving them the training they need to immediately participate in the Los Angeles economy, I’ll be focused on making sure that our colleges are the best in Southern California and beyond.”


“My first few months on the board have been a whirlwind, but I’ve settled in quickly,” noted Fong.  “I welcome my two new colleagues as well and look forward to working with them.   There’s much more work to do to ensure our students have the resources and support they need to succeed.”


“I warmly welcome our new trustees and congratulate our new board leadership,” said Francisco C. Rodriguez, chancellor of LACCD.  “Our District is moving in the right direction, and I look forward to working with the board to build on our recent success and making good on the significant State investment in our community colleges.”


The four trustees join current members Eng, Ernest Moreno, and Nancy Pearlman, who were elected to four year terms in 2013.  Biographies of all the trustees can be found at


The Los Angeles Community College District, the nation's largest community college district, serves one-quarter million students a year in more than 36 cities in Los Angeles County at its nine colleges. The District covers nearly 900 square miles and has educated and trained the region's diverse workforce since 1969.



Mike Eng  |  Mike Fong  |  Andra Hoffman  |  Sydney K. Kamlager  |  Ernest H. Moreno |  Nancy Pearlman  |  Scott J. Svonkin  |  Vacant, Student Member



Still Haven't Signed Up for Summer Classes?


OPEN CLASSES FOR SUMMER B SESSION -- Have you registered for Summer Classes at Pierce College? Summer Session A (5 weeks) and 8-week already began June 15, 2015, but there are openings for Summer Session B (5 weeks), to begin July 20. Now is the time to sign up. The sooner you complete the units you need to reach your educational goals, the sooner you will graduate, transfer or get your job skills certificate.


Summer B Schedule is posted online at



click here to go to the Student Information system:


Do you know what to do to get Priority Registration? You must complete three steps: online orientation, assessment, and making an educational plan. Visit and click Getting Started



LACCD Celebrates $15 Million Grant from California Career Pathways Trust



Taking part in Thursday’s ceremony were (from left to right)  Jasmin Ortega of the California Departent of Education, LACCD Vice Chancellor Dr. Felicito Cajayon, LACCD Board Trustee Mike Fong, Valley College student Pedro Gonzalez, LACCD Board President Scott  Svonkin, LACCD Board Trustee Mike Eng, LACCD Chancellor Francisco Rodriguez, Metro CEO Phillip Washington and NIC Technology Regional Manager Cheryl Lasko.

Thursday morning was overcast with intermittent drops of rain falling on the Patsaouras Transit Plaza at Union Station in front of the Metro Headquarters Building. But for the 115 people gathered there, it was a radiant day, full of promise for a bright future. With smiles and applause, they were reacting to the formal awarding of a $15 million grant to the Los Angeles Community College District by the California Department of Education. The grant was provided by the California Career Pathways Trust, a portion of the $244 million awarded to 40 programs across the state that blend academic and career technical education, connect employers with schools , and train students for jobs in high-demand fields such as information technology, advanced manufacturing, health care and software development.

“This grant will transform the lives of thousands of students,” LACCD Board of Trustees President Scott Svonkin told the crowd. “Wherever their dreams take them, they can now go.”

“If we do a good job,” said LACCD Trustee Mike Eng, who chaired the Board committees having oversight over the District's application process, “this is just the beginning of a great ride for our students.”

 In attendance were the value-added partners for this program, including those from workforce investment boards, regional employers, unified school districts, economic development agencies and labor unions. Among the business leaders on hand were Phil Washington, CEO of Metro, Frank Spaeth, CEO of NIC Technology Partners and Tracy Rafter, CEO of BizFed

“Thank you LACCD for reaching out to the business community,” said Gary Toebben, president and CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. “And thank you business community for reaching back.”

Representing the students at Thursday’s press conference was Pedro Gonzalez from Los Angeles Valley College.

Implementing the program will be the Los Angeles Regional Career Pathways Project, one of the largest collaborative models in California. It unites community colleges, high schools, unified school districts, labor unions, workforce investment boards, and industry-specific employers.

The program focuses on high-demand industry sectors that are projected to grow and offer job opportunities well into the future. The numbers that could be generated are staggering. The project includes over $1,700,000 of in-kind/matched resources and will expand the $15 million Career Pathways Trust grant to serve over 6,000 participants. LACCD’s nine colleges and 20 local high schools will work with other project stakeholders to update articulation agreements, develop multiple career pathways, and align systemic initiatives that will prepare high school and college students for good-paying jobs and careers. The Regional Pathways consortium will work with over 95 employers who will offer over 1,800 internships.

Dr. Francisco Rodriguez, LACCD’s chancellor, told the audience there was no room for gloom despite the weather.

“I have 15 million reasons to be happy,” he said. “Today is a day of investment. You, our value-added partners, are the wind in our sails. Now, let’s get to work. Our students deserve it.”  

The Los Angeles Community College District, the nation's largest community college district, serves one-quarter million students a year in more than 36 cities in Los Angeles County at its nine colleges. The District covers nearly 900 square miles and has educated and trained the region's diverse workforce since 1969.