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Winter and Spring 2021 Semesters Will Continue Online, Says LACCD Chancellor


September 17, 2020
Dear Students,

I am writing to provide an important announcement regarding the upcoming Winter session and Spring 2021 semester.  Our country remains in a declared public health emergency and our best health experts agree that we are still far from a full recovery without a vaccine or responsive therapeutics.

Therefore, LACCD will deliver all classes for the Winter session and the Spring 2021 semester in primarily remote/online learning environments for the remainder of the academic year.  We are working closely with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to provide safe, limited access for on-campus instruction that supports the State’s Essential Infrastructure Workforce.  However, courses that can be taught remotely and online will remain so for these upcoming terms.

We do not make this decision lightly, but your safety, and the safety of our faculty and staff, must be our top priority.  We know this is disappointing news for many, but, as conditions improve, we are also hopeful that we will see a return to some additional on-campus activities in the Spring 2021 term.

For now, I want to thank you for your confidence in LACCD and our colleges under these difficult circumstances.  I recognize your uncommon dedication to your educational success and your resiliency.

LACCD Proud. You are the best of us!

With my deepest admiration and respect, 

Francisco C. Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Los Angeles Community College District


Late Start Classes -- More than 75 -- are Filling Quickly for Fall.


Sign up Today! Most classes began August 31, 2020, but Pierce College announces a record of more than 75 late start classes offered online beginning in September and October for Fall Semester. Between those and our hundreds of regular-length classes, we've got you covered, so amp it up and take another class! The first late start class list is now posted on, but more have been added so check the SIS for late start classes still open (link below).

To find Late Start Classes, most of which begin in October 2020, go to the Classes Search page in your Student Portal in the SIS, choose “Session" and "2nd 8 weeks." There are a few classes beyond even that category, so search your interests and look for classes that start later than Aug. 31.


Still trying to decide which classes you'll like best? Pierce Professors showcased some of their classes during August and September on the official Pierce College Facebook. Dozens of flyers and personal messages telling you about highlights of their classes and what you can expect are posted on facebook.  New classes posted every few hours in August.

Not only that, when news comes up about the LACCD Chancellor announcing 2021 schedules, waiving fee holds for fall (temporarily so you can register), online Enrollment Fairs, zoomed events you can participate in, we post it on So if you haven't liked us yet on facebook, do it now!

That's one of the ways We Are Here for You at L.A. Pierce College!  Register for late start classes at


Welcome to Fall and Finding Your Way to Classes In Canvas

Hello Fall 2020 Pierce College Students!

Welcome to LA Pierce College! Most of your classes will be accessed inside your Student Portal in our Student Information System (SIS), link at top right of home page. Log in with your Student I.D. number and password, and choose “Canvas” to find your classes. If you are having any issues regarding Canvas and it is during business hours, you can email  If it is evenings or weekend, you can call Canvas support at 844-303-5589. 

Email your instructor if you have questions about your classes. To find any instructor's email, enter a few letters of either their first or last name in the home page People Search, top right. If nothing comes up at first, choose "Faculty by Department" and search by the department name, such as Math or English.

If you are confused or wondering how to tackle an online course, here is a great way to get started. you can self-enroll in a Canvas Orientation and earn a Canvas Badge!

Don't worry if you don't see your classes on your canvas dashboard yet, most faculty will make their virtual classrooms available when classes start on Monday, August 31st

Need more units?  We are offering a record 70 LATE START CLASSES that begin in October. In your Student Portal in the SIS, class search, choose "Session" and "2nd 8 weeks."

Here is a great resource that will be kept updated, FAQ's, if you have any canvas questions or want information about resetting your password, check out the FAQ's as all the necessary information and contact numbers are located there. 

Some pointers:

  • Some instructors open their shells early, but many do not make them accessible until the first day of the session which is Monday, August 31st. If you still do not see your course in the evening of Monday, August 31st, confirm you are enrolled by checking your student information system (SIS).
  • If you recently added the course, it can take up to 24 hours to get processed into the Canvas shell so you may not see it when the session starts.
  • If you checked the above and still do not see the your course shell, please send an email to

Tips for Success in an Online Classes

  • We have online tutors! Go to the CAS Website, and then click on the name of your subject to add yourself to the tutoring Canvas shell. There, you will find schedules and instructions for how to contact a Pierce College CAS Tutor.
  • You also have free access to NetTutor 24/7. Click "NetTutor Online Tutoring" in your Canvas shell (left hand navigation) to access NetTutor. These are not CAS Tutors, but they are a free, online resource for students. 
  • There is a link to Pierce Library in every shell in the left hand navigation, take advantage of all the online resources our library has to offer.

If you have questions about Canvas and/or want to see tutorials AND get live support, you should self-enroll in our LAPC Canvas Student Resources.

All of our instructors are so excited to "see" you when classes start on Monday, August 31st :). We are here for YOU!

Fee Holds Lifted During Fall Enrollment in Chancellor's Letter

On August 11, 2020, the LACCD Chancellor made an important announcement regarding student registration for fall semester. All fee holds will be temporarily suspendeded during Fall Registration 2020.

"Greetings Students: 

I am writing to share an important announcement regarding your registration for fall semester.

We hope this message finds you well, staying healthy during this global pandemic.  We understand that COVID-19 has impacted students in many ways including academically, economically and personally. 


Our District and colleges will continue to work to eliminate barriers where we can.  In this spirit, I am writing to notify you that we have temporarily lifted all fiscal holds from student accounts.  All students with holds will now be able to enroll in fall classes, even if previous fiscal holds had prevented them from doing so.


This action is intended to help you continue with your education and relieve some of the pressures related to COVID-19.


We look forward to having you back in our colleges and our virtual classrooms.  Your success is our top priority."


Francisco C. Rodriguez, Ph.D.


Los Angeles Community College District



Register Now for Fall Semester at Pierce College - Classes Are Open

Open enrollment is underway for everyone to sign up for Fall 2020 classes at L.A. Pierce College. All classes are offered online for Fall, which begins on August 31, 2020. New students should Apply Now at the button at top.

Now is the time to review the Fall Schedule of Classes and enroll. Fall classes will be offered online, and services and business will all continue to be delivered in a remote environment as of this time.

Choose your classes here: on our Schedules Page under Fall Semester.

To enroll, go to your portal at and sign in.

Haven’t applied to Pierce yet? Go to the home page top right and click “Apply Online” or go to

Fall classes will be offered online, and services and business will all continue to be delivered in a remote environment as of this time.

Please keep in mind that Pierce College’s physical campus remains closed during this time in accordance with health and safety guidelines for education. Need more information? A great place to start is our new Student Services Online webpage at You can interact with our staff using Cranium Café.


LACCD Releases "Framework for Racial Equity and Social Justice"

Chancellor Rodriguez has issued a letter along with the LACCD’s document titled, Framework for Racial Equity and Social Justice.


The Chancellor writes, “The Framework speaks to the values of our organization and directs specific action steps and commitments that will allow our colleges and District to actively build anti-racist organizational capacity and resilience, and move forward towards a more socially and racially-just academic community.


“The action steps are intended to complement, not supplant, specific activities and programs at the nine colleges, where some of this work has already begun. The ideas emerged from the many consultations and dialogue with campus and District leaders, board members, Chancellor’s Cabinet, Town Halls, and student voices over the last several weeks.


“This Framework was presented to the Board of Trustees at last night’s monthly business meeting, where it was well-received and fully endorsed to move forward. I hope that you will be empowered and inspired by our declared action steps, and the many more that will follow.


“I invite you to be a full participant and architect of our future at LACCD. LACCD Proud. You are the best of us.”


With admiration and respect,

Francisco C. Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Chancellor Los Angeles Community College District


This link contains the letter and framework:


It's Time to Enroll in Classes for Pierce's Five-Week Summer Session B

There's still time to Apply and Register for Pierce College's Summer Session B, which will be fully online. Stay enrolled online while you collect units towards your degree. All classes, business and services will continue to be delivered remotely for the Summer.

The schedule for Summer B is posted on the Pierce website at and in the student portal. All classes, business and services will continue to be delivered remotely. Here is your chance to stay home and stay enrolled to pick up more units and skills toward your degree or certificate.  So, here are the links you need:

New Students, Apply at

All Students, see the Pierce Schedules web page at 

Continuing Students, see your portal for your priority registration date, summer schedules and more at:

All of these links can be found off of the home page at

Session A: June 15-July 19 -- only 5 weeks long
Session B: July 20-Aug 23 -- only 5 weeks long

8-week: June 15-Aug. 9

Classes are filling, so don't wait! Stay enrolled with us and succeed online at Pierce College! And Fall Semester is right around the corner.

Registration Begins for Fall Semester, Offered Online at Pierce College

Registration begins Monday, June 15

The Fall 2020 Schedule of Classes is posted at Pierce College posted and we invite you to review it and choose your classes at Fall classes will be held online, and services and business will all continue to be delivered in a remote environment. Continuing Students' Registration begins Monday, June 15, 2020 and is ongoing during the summer; new students should apply now -- see button top right of home page, Apply Online.

Please keep in mind that Pierce College’s physical campus remains closed during this time in accordance with health and safety guidelines for education. We have converted all our business and services to online delivery, so visit our website for information.

A great place to start exploring is our new Student Services Online webpage at


View Virtual Recognition Ceremony on Facebook and You Tube

Graduates, Family, Friends, Faculty and Staff,


We hope you enjoyed the June 9th showing of Pierce College's Virtual Recognition Ceremony for our graduates in the class of 2020. Our students' degree, transfer and certificate completions are tremendous accomplishments.


If you missed it or would like to see the ceremony again, you may view the event at the same links: The official Pierce College Facebook or YouTube channels at these links:  Pierce College Facebook or LA Pierce YouTube.  No account or log in is needed to view.


Common questions about graduation and the ceremony are answered at

Congratulations, Class of 2020! We know how hard you have worked. We enjoyed celebrating you and your achievements.



"In Solidarity We Stand" -- Message from Board President Hoffman and Chancellor Rodriguez

June 2, 2020

Dear LACCD Colleagues,


We are writing to you, our LACCD faculty, staff and students, to express our pain and support during this time.  The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others, can no longer be ignored.  


This nation has a historic and harmful disease called racism.  This pandemic has endured for centuries, and the time to heal and cure it is now.  We stand in solidarity with our Black employees and students and will not tolerate these continued acts of violence – we stand with you, we hear you, we support you. 


As institutions of higher education, we call for justice in the deaths of George, Breonna, Ahmaud and the countless other victims of police criminality.  However, we know that this is simply not enough.  We must be deliberate and purposeful in educating around being anti-racist.  We must fully acknowledge that Black lives do indeed matter in the way we build our schools and colleges to what we teach in our classrooms, from the way our streets are policed to equitable access to healthcare.  Until economic opportunities are afforded to Black and disenfranchised communities, there is no justice.


We recognize in the midst of all of this, including a global pandemic, there are finals to be taken, classes to be completed, work to be done, and we thank you all for your empathy, resiliency and commitment to our mission during this challenging time. 


We are all empowered as educators.  Let’s use this power and influence to make lasting, systemic change!


In Solidarity We Stand,


Andra Hoffman                  Francisco C. Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Board President                 Chancellor