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Make a Fresh Start Enrolling in Pierce College Spring Classes

The Spring Schedule 2023 has posted at L.A. Pierce College and it is time to choose your classes.


Spring Semester begins Feb. 6, 2023. Continuing Students can enroll on Nov. 14, 2022, and all students may enroll on Dec. 5.

See the Spring Schedule at We have lots of flexible options for your schedule: in-person, online, or a combination of both.

Once its time, enroll in your student portal on the Student Information System (SIS) at

When you sign up for Spring or Winter classes at Pierce College, you are on your way to achieving the degree, certificate or transfer opportunity that has the power to change your life from this point forward. 


Need to Apply? Start here:


Bump Up Your Units with Pierce's Winter Intersession 2023

All students can now enroll in Winter Intersession at L.A. Pierce College.

Its a great opportunity to take two classes to keep you moving towards your degree. Pick up 3-to-6 units quickly when you sign up for L.A. Pierce Colleges Winter Intersession, which runs Jan. 3 through Feb. 5, 2023.

The Winter Schedule is on our schedules page at

Open enrollment began on Oct. 24, 2022.

Choose your five-week Winter classes now and get your schedule set for 2023!

To register go to the Student Information System (SIS) logon page at

At Pierce College, you can earn your degree close to home and without going into debt. Get where you are going faster when you add Winter Intersession to your schedule.


5th Annual Student Film Festival Coming to Great Hall


The 5th Annual Student Film Festival is coming to LA Pierce College on Thursday, December 1 at 6 p.m. in the Great Hall.


Student film submissions have a deadline of November 24. The rules are:


        Films must be under 15 minutes

        A person can submit up to two films

        Any and all L.A. area High School and College students are eligible


Admission to the event is free and everyone is invited. Awards for Best Acting, Cinematography, Editing, Sound, Writing and Overall will be given by sponsors The Pierce Film Club and ASO.


Students, send your youtube/Vimeo submissions by Nov. 24 to


If you have questions or need accommodations, please contact Professor Ken Windrum at or (818) 710-2961.


Parade of Breeds Returns for Family Fun at Equestrian Center


Horse lovers will celebrate the return of Parade of Breeds, a free Horse Exhibition at Pierce College's Equestrian Center. Bring friends and family to witness these magnificent animals and have fun! 


Sat., Nov. 19

10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Pierce Equestrian Center

Free, free parking

Enter off De Soto Ave. on El Rancho Drive, 1 block so. of Victory Blvd.


"It's a fun family outing to learn about the world of horse sports and different breeds out there," said Pierce Horse Science Instructor Nicole Land.


The activities include crafts, horse stick races, ropingare you faster than a horse?


Participants doing demos are barrel racers, jumpers, Reiners, drill teams, charro ropers. A Reiner coming is a Million Dollar Challenge finalist. The Finale is the Parade of Breeds. It is a succession of different breeds from Quarter horses and Percherons to minis, that are paraded through the arena while people guess the breed &/or color.  Then the horses come back through as we tell the audience the history of the breed.


The horse community has come together to support Pierce College Equine Science Program, bringing horses and doing horse sport demos. The return of the Parade of Breeds is happening this year after several years hiatus due to COVID. The Parade of Breeds horse expo is organized and managed by the ANML SC 640 Show Organization & Management class with the assistance of all the Equine Science Classes and Boots & Saddles Club. Questions? Contact Nicole Land,


Pierce Marks 75 Years of Service in the San Fernando Valley


In September of 1947, the Clarence W. Pierce School of Agriculture opened its doors to its first class of students all men, all agriculture majors in a World War II Quonset Hut on the farm in Woodland Hills.


From dairy cows and rodeos by the Quonset Hut to our beautiful modern campus retaining a 225-acre farm in the city, we have come a long way. Over the last decade, from end to end our campus has been restored, from the Center for Sciences with Planetarium, Library Learning Center, and Student Services Building to Automotive Service Technologys sleek new building for alternative fuel vehicles. We have our voters to thank for supporting us with bonds that rebuilt our college.


This year marks 75 years that Los Angeles Pierce College has served as a trusted cornerstone in the San Fernando Valley, welcoming and educating generations of families in our community.


We are proud to have such a long and illustrious history. On October 20, 2022, we celebrate this milestone with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for our newest building brought online by the LACCD Bond Building Program: the 21,233 square-foot, $22.3 million Advanced Automotive Technology Building.


Its laboratories were specifically designed to teach cutting-edge curriculum in the areas of alternative fuel, advanced diagnostics, and hybrid & electric vehicle technologies, placing our long-running automotive program firmly in the 21st century.


Speakers presenting at our anniversary celebration are Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel, Councilmember Bob Blumenfield, LACCD Chancellor Francisco C. Rodriguez, PhD., LACCD Board of Trustees President Gabriel Buelna, Ph.D., CA Energy Commission Air Pollution Specialist Larry Rillera, Interim Pierce President Ara Aguiar, and Automotive Service Technology Professor Michael Van Dyke.



Measure LA To Improve and Strengthen LA Pierce College



Measure LA is on your ballot!  As we have seen, prior bonds have allowed us to build beautiful new buildings that have made Pierce College an even better place for students to further their education. Measure LA is a new $5.3 billion bond measure on the ballot this fall that would allow for further investment in our campus and those of the LACCD. 


Specifically, this bond, if it passes, would allow us to invest in things like upgraded information technology, renovations to our gyms and athletic fields, improved sustainability like energy efficient LED lighting, basic but important infrastructure needs, as well as allowing us to renovate older buildings like our Earth Science and Field House buildings at a cost to homeowners of no more than 25 dollars per $100,000 of assessed not market property value. Ballots are being mailed now, so be sure to find Measure LA and vote!


Advanced Automotive Tech Building Gears Up for Alternative Fuels and Electric Vehicles


Pierces long-awaited new 21,233 square foot Advanced Automotive Technology Building is nearing completion on the west side of campus adjacent to our existing Automotive Technology site. Its laboratories were specifically designed to teach cutting-edge curriculum in the areas of alternative fuel, advanced diagnostics, and hybrid & electric vehicle technologies. The facility will include two classrooms, faculty offices and support spaces.


The $22.3 million complex will provide space for up 90 vehicles and includes ten Electric Charging Stations, ranging from Level II CHAdeMO Electric Charging Stations and the Combined Charging System (CCS) Charging Stations, to a Tesla Supercharger Charging Station. 


The building design incorporates a number of water efficiency features, such as drought-tolerant landscaping and low-flow fixtures, and energy efficient features, such as LED lighting fixtures. Construction sought to divert 75% of waste from landfills and incorporates building materials made of recycled or rapidly renewable materials.  


L.A. Pierce Colleges Automotive Technology Program meets strict industry standards and is NATEF/ASE certified for the Clean Tech Auto program, which serves over 1,000 students and is the only one of its kind in the San Fernando Valley.


Students in L.A. Pierce Colleges long-running Automotive Technology Program may achieve associate degrees and certificates to prepare them to work in the automotive service and repair field. Certificates of Achievement can be earned in the automotive specialties of service technology, emission specialist, light service technician, performance applications and powertrain specialist.


Classes will begin in the new facility in Spring 2023.


Want to Get There Faster? Get a Late Start


There are 100 opportunities to take an 8-week compressed Fall class. You will get your units faster and get out of school sooner when you sign up for PIerce's "2nd 8 Weeks" Session, or Late Start classes, which begin Oct. 24. Heres how to find them in our Student Info System (SIS)



After you log in to the SIS system (Student Information System) and choose Campus: Pierce College, at the bottom of the search boxes under Additional Search Criteria use the Session drop down field and select 2nd 8 weeks.


About 100 classes will come up that show they begin Oct. 24, 2022.


Student Sign in and Enroll at your SIS Student Portal:


You can also find the full Fall Schedule posted online at and look for classes that begin on Oct. 24.


New students should Apply to Pierce to get your Student I.D.; view the schedule and then enroll.


With hundreds of interesting classes, including dozens of 8-week short term options, for you to choose from, you will find something to love at L.A. Pierce College. Whether you want in-person on campus, online, or hybrid combination of both, we have what you are looking for. And Parking is free all year.


It's time to Get a Late Start!


Coyote Alert on Campus


On 9/27/2022 around 3:30 p.m., a student was confronted by a coyote on the Campus Mall near the Bookstore. Pierce is investigating this incident, and, in the meantime we want to alert all our students, employees and visitors to be aware and alert.

Wildlife has coexisted with us at L.A. Pierce College for 75 years; half of our 426-acre campus is undeveloped land we share with them.  However, lately we are seeing some of them coming into our populated areas on campus.

Guidance from California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Most coyote attacks occur in relation to a food source or attractant drawing the coyote close to people, pets, or livestock. A food conditioned, or habituated coyote may become bold and act aggressively towards people. Prevention is the key.


       Keep a safe distance. Clap hands, make noise and allow it to move away on its own.


       Make yourself look bigger by lifting and waving arms.

       Make noise by yelling, using noisemakers, or whistles. If small children are present, keep them close to you.



       Get to a safe location

       ON CAMPUS, if a person was bitten or scratched by the coyote, call The L.A. Sheriffs Dept. Office at 818-719-6450 24/7 and seek medical attention.

       Off campus, call 9-1-1 and seek medical attention.

For more tips visit Stay Safe, Brahmas!

New Speaker Series Ushers in Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 through October 15, Pierce Chicano Studies will present the 1st Annual Chicano/Latino Heritage Month Speaker Series. A wide array of talented entertainers, artists and activists to appear over four weeks kicks off with grammy-awarding winning La Marisoul & La Santa Cecilia on Sept. 21 at 5:30 p.m.

The new series has been coordinated by Professor Angelia Rovero, PEACh Department and M.E.Ch.A. It is sponsored by Student Equity and Achievement Fund.

La Marisoul & La Santa Cecilia

Grammy Award Winners, 2014; Grammy Nominees 2017, 2018

Wed., Sept. 21, 5:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m.

L.A. Pierce College Theatre

*Pierce or LACCD ID required for this event.

*RSVP to attend,


Richard Montoya

Actor, Comedian, Writer and Producer

Emilia Cruz, Artist, Teacher

Wed., Sept. 28, 5:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m.

L.A. Pierce College Theatre


Robert Vargas

Artist, Muralist, and Honored by L.A. City Council with Robert Vargas Day

Wed., Oct. 5, 5:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m.

L.A. Pierce College Theatre


LAST ONE: Thursday, Oct. 13. Please RSVP.

Dr. Martha Gonzalez

Singer, Songwriter, Percussionist, Dancer, Artivista, Professor and Community Activist

Grammy Award Winner, 2013


Tylana Enomoto & Juan Perez

Quetzal band members

Thursday Oct. 13, 5:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m.

Building 600 next door to the Library